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Daddy Long Legs (Role: Jervis) "Wingerter, as Jervis, endears himself to us. However unhinged we may be about "the color of his lies" and his admitted duplicity ("I'm ashamed of the man I've become") it's impossible not to feel affection toward his smitten, fumbling ways, especially when he's overcome with jealousy, leading to some of the play's most comical moments (damn that boy Jimmy!). Wingerter's charming, elegant performance rescues a character about whom viewers might otherwise feel put-off. His solo, "Charity," was especially touching..." - Katie Kawalski (PTLeader)

Fun Home (Role: Bruce) "Vince Wingerter had a stand-out performance as Bruce Bechdel. Not only could he sing the part, every scene he was in was full of raw emotion and talent. He perfectly created this character that you root for, feel for and despise all at the same time." - Avery Anderson (Three Corner Review)

Mary Poppins (Role: Bert) "The last time I saw Vince Wingerter on stage, he was Bert, the affable chimney sweep in the heartwarming, “Mary Poppins.” He was very good in that role, but soars this season as Bruce, the tormented father in “Fun Home.” - Tom Jones (Colorado Theatre Reviews)

Mary Poppins (Role: Bert) "Wingerter as Bert, was jubilant and loveable." - Felica Tassone (BroadwayWorld)

​Mary Poppins (Role: Bert) "Vince Wingerter is new to MAC, and is a winner — with his impressive voice and athletic dancing skills — as Bert, the chimney sweep. Johnson and Wingerter are both exceptional playing the roles of longtime London friends, and appear to enjoying every moment of the show." - Tom Jones (Colorado Theatre Reviews)

Me and My Girl (Role: Bill Snibson) "Vince Wingerter plays Bill with a disarming grin, footloose and fancy-free, whether he's melting like the Wicked Witch of the West, or prowling about in a bear rug.  He wins over the audience with his vigorous comic performance, pleasant voice, and excellent comic timing.  The role requires a series of classic vaudevillian slapstick routines and pratfalls, all of which he handles with tremendous energy."  - Di Saggau (River Weekly News)

Me and My Girl (Role: Bill Snibson) "Vince Wingerter playing the roll since (September) knows his Bill Snibson by heart. Whether rolling on the floor with a bearskin rug (one of the show's funniest scenes) or mis-pronouncing any number of upper-class terms ("vermin" for "ermine"), he makes his fish-out-of-water seem charming and not a kooky joke."  - Chris Silk (Naples Daily News)

Me and My Girl (Role: Bill Snibson) "Vince Wingerter is outstanding as Bill Snibson going from a cheeky, boorish barrel boy, to charming, winning, young man about town who still has a firm grip on his values and unwilling to give up his girl, Sally. His portrayal is well grounded is true English music hall tradition, broadly comic, powerfully sung , nimble footed at both tap and expressionist dance, all while being fully aware of the audience. Most memorable was Wingerter's bit with in the ermine robe, it was hilarious.." - Marsha Wagner (Sanibel-Captiva Islander)

Children of Eden (Role: Cain) "Vince Wingerter sizzles as Cain."  - Joe Adcock (Seattle PI)

Urinetown (Role: Bobby Strong) "Vince Wingerter...has a strong voice and presence."  - Miryam Gordon (Seattle Gay News)

Urinetown (Role: Bobby Strong) "Vince Wingerter, a standout as romantic lead Bobby Strong, is really good in solo numbers."Nancy Worssam (Seattle Times)

My One & Only (Role: Billy)

"The lead actors are outstanding...Wingerter is as good a tap-dancer as I've seen on South Sound stages...smooth and snappy with natural grace. His duets with McMurry remind me of Gene Kelly and Ann Miller." - Alec Clayton (Tacoma News Tribune)

My One & Only (Role: Billy) Wingerter couldn't be better. He has the whole package and more...a voice that is over-the-top wonderful (his Act 1 finale 'Strike up the Band' left me in utter awe), fantastic tap-dancing skills and a sweet charm about him that makes him entirely believable. Jenny McMurry as Edythe Herbert is terrific as well and their duets (particularly their first tap duet, 'He Loves and She Loves') are nothing short of wonderful." Krista Curry (Tacoma Weekly)


Singin' in the Rain (Role: Don Lockwood) "Jennifer Weingarten teams with Vince Wingerter (Don)...the duo show romantic chemistry."  - Marvin Glassman (Florida's Sun Sentinel)

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